Dr. Cornelius Link

Cornelius A. Link, D.D.S.

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BCDA - Past President

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International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology

I am a 50 year ADA (American Dental Association) veteran in dentistry, who is very critical of results, so I do not make decisions lightly.

Some twelve years ago, a contemporary of mine had suffered neurodegenerative failure in his mental capabilities. He sought an "integrative" M.D. who practices detoxification of metals. His recovery was so impressive that I decided to look into this mercury toxicity issue.

Investigating unbiasedly, I discovered that there are very real people facing real problems related to mercury toxicity.
The patients I see are referred from physicians treating toxicities of all sorts; but they all insist it is essential to eliminate as many sources of mercury as possible.
Of course dental amalgam is the largest single source of mercury exposure (17% WHO) and they request that it be removed form the mouths of their patients. It is worthy to note that these physicians obtain positive results in treating "problems" that conventional medicine has "given up" on.

In summary, mercury is a recognized neurotoxin and we now known that it does "leak" out of amalgam fillings, so why use it anymore? We now have alternative materials to restore teeth.

As a result I remain a long-standing member of the IAOMT.

For further information you can visit IAOMT here.