Dr. Cornelius Link

Cornelius A. Link, D.D.S.

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BCDA - Past President

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Breeding thoroughbred horses
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PREVENTION:    in dentistry means controlling the factors, which contribute to the breakdown of oral tissues. Ninety-five percent of this control can be accomplished by proper cleansing of the mouth. This reduces the bacterial load and acidity, which cause the damage. We will take the time to explain to you what you are supposed to be doing, how to do it, and be able to verify if you have done it. Without bacteria and acid around your teeth and gums, they will be healthier in a matter of days and stay that way.

DIAGNOSIS:    This is the key to successful therapy. Experience and an eagerness to expand knowledge are essential elements to recognizing dysfunction and determining the best treatment. Dr. Link has both these qualities. His desire for learning has positioned him in organizations with international scholars in physiology and toxicology from all scientific disciplines.

ROUTINE FILLINGS:     This office utilizes the latest in bonding Technology for producing the white composite restorations, always painlessly with comfortable local anesthesia.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY :    has recently become a buzzword in dental marketing. It means giving you a prettier smile. Most dentists have always striven to make their restorations esthetic and attractive, especially regarding front teeth. However, with the advent of bonding and newer porcelains, almost anything is possible. Please request a consult regarding what can be done for you.

CROWNS AND BRIDGES:    Whenever possible, metal-free crowns and bridges are used for maximum esthetics.

PERIODONTAL TREATMENT:     Dr. Link advocates a biologic approach to eliminate any gum infection to facilitate healing without surgery.

DENTURES:     One field where experience is paramount plus Dr. Link has studied under some of the leading experts in denture design and fabrication.

ORTHODONTICS:     Twenty-five years ago a unique problem with his daughter forced Dr. Link to pursue post-graduate training in Orthodontics and he has treated hundreds of cases, both children and adults ever since then.

TMJ THERAPY:     TMJ has become TMD because we now know that there is more to the syndrome than just the joint. With his training and experience, Dr. Link has treated hundreds of these patients without surgery with consistently positive results. In recent years, surgery is never used for the typical patient; therefore the method of treatment Dr. Link uses is now the method of choice.

OZONE THERAPY:     Dr. Link is one of a handful of Dentists who are authorized by the Review Board of the Department of Health and Human Services to research the use of medical Ozone/Oxygen Therapy in treatment of infections of the oral cavity and associated structures.

SNORING APPLIANCES:     Snoring can be a symptom of a sleep disorder which could affect your health as well as personal relationships. People suffering from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) are seven to twelve times more likely to be involved in a car accident. This office is trained to recognize and treat snoring and sleep apnea in conjunction with a sleep Physician.


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